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Solenida Red Wine - Tenute Lunelli

Solenida Red Wine by Tenute Lunelli is a pure single-varietal Sangiovese, Solenida is the result of a strict selection of Tenuta Podernovo’s grapes.

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Tenute Lunelli Wine

Solenida Red Wine by Tenute Lunelli

A pure single-varietal Sangiovese, Solenida is the result of a strict selection of Tenuta Podernovo’s grapes thanks to the AnimavitisR project, that makes it possible to harvest the microzones separately and obtain small grape bunches and light, concentrated grapes, allowing for the maximum quality and expression of the territory.

This organic wine owes its name to the Solenidae shell, that bears testimony to the rich presence of fossils in the Estate’s soil.

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About Family

After three generations of winemaking, the Lunelli family decided to further its passion for producing outstanding wines by adding to the success obtained by its Ferrari Trentodoc. The range was extended to three wineries in three different regions of Italy: Tenuta Margon in Trentino, Tenuta Podernovo in Tuscany and Tenuta Castelbuono in Umbria.

The project began in the 1980s, with the creation of still wines in Trentino that capitalized the experience gained through years of growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in high hillside vineyards. From the start of the new millennium, the family began paying particular attention to regions with a consolidated reputation for the production of fine red wines. Seduced by the charm of the hills of the Costa Toscana, and in particular by the vineyard filled hill on which the historic Casale Podernovo lies. They began their adventure in Tuscany by acquiring forty hectares in the village of Terricciola.

In 2001 it was the ancient and mystical region of Umbria and the powerful and ageworthy Sagrantino wine that captured their attention.The Lunelli family purchased land in Bevagna and Montefalco, partly planted and later built the cellar-sculpture of Carapace. After several decades of commitment, this large-scale project encapsulating agriculture and life, high-quality, and beauty became the Tenute Lunelli brand.  A seal chosen to express the typical characteristics of areas that are especially suited for making fine wines: products that interpret their particular terroirs in a profound way and whose distinguishing trait is their elegance and longevity.  

In Harmony With Nature

If any company is honour-bound to act responsibly at a social level, this is even more the case for a wine producer, whose relationship with his terroir is profound and indissoluble. With this conviction in mind, the Lunelli family has made sustainability its creed. The objective of this approach is to combine top-quality grapes with the health of the vine-growers and protection of the environment.

Tenuta Podernovo was the first estate in the Group to obtain organic certification in 2012, followed by Tenuta Castelbuono from the 2014 harvest onwards. The vineyards in Trentino have been cultivated for years according to the strict principles of a protocol for “Salubrious and sustainable mountain viticulture”, which has eliminated insecticides and herbicides, concentrates on the natural fertility of the soil and calls for using only natural products for protecting the vines. In 2017 Tenuta Margon has obtained the organic certification.

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