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Radici Fiano Di Avellino Red Wine- Mastroberardino

Radici Fiano Di Avellino Red Wine by Mastroberardino is the result of a careful and continuous research to identify the best combination of grape variety and territory, Radici was born.

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Mastroberardino wine
Radici Fiano Di Avellino Wine

Radici Fiano Di Avellino Red Wine by Mastroberardino

The result of a careful and continuous research to identify the best combination of grape variety and territory, Radici was born, in a concept in which the complexity of the characters is enhanced by an unusual density for a white wine, which gives it solidity and thickness: a return to the "roots". The label reproduces sections of a painting by Maria Micozzi, made on a vault of the cellar's aging caves.

Vineyard and Soil

The estate is Santo Stefano del Sole, facing south-west and the soil is sandy-loam, deep, rich in mineral elements, well drained.The altitude is 550 m asl, the training system is the espalier with guyot pruning with a planting density of 4,000 plants / hectare and a yield of about 60 q / ha and about 1.5 kg / plant.

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The Story of Mastroberardino

Tradition constitutes a value insofar as it represents a bond of consistency, of credibility with respect to the decisions that are taken from time to time.

The Mastroberardino family has been living in the socio-cultural context of wine for over two centuries, based on the most reliable historical reconstructions.

The first traces of its presence in Irpinia date back to the Bourbon cadastre, in the mid- eighteenth century , when the family chose the village of Atripalda as its headquarters, where the ancient cellars are still located, and from there it originated a lineage that linked indissolubly their fate to the cult of wine.

Ten generations , since then, have led the family business, amidst ups and downs, as always happens in the stories of family businesses of more ancient origin.

The family estates are located in Irpinia, cradle of three DOCGs: Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi , distributed in the various areas of the territory with the aim of preserving their identity and ensuring their first safeguard, continuity and development. then, of indigenous viticulture. 

The Family

The Mastroberardino family, a point of reference in Italian winemaking, is recognized as the champion of the native vines of Irpinia and Campania.

Viticulturist in the tenth generation, Piero is Full Professor of Business Management at the University, author of numerous international scientific publications on management issues.
His professional and entrepreneurial profile is closely linked to the artistic one which is realized in the fields of drawing and painting, fiction and poetry.

From 2011 to today he has in fact published two novels, Umano Errare and Giro di Vite and two collections of poems, At the origin of the senses and Fragments, the latter in the form of an artist's book.With his paintings he has made numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad and many of his works are present in national and international collections. Since May 2015 he has been president of the Italian Quality Wine Institute Grandi Marchi.

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