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Giodo Brunello di Montalcino - Giodo

Giodo Brunello di Montalcino by Giodo has been given attention and dedication at every step, from its birth in the vineyard, to its transformation in the cellar, to its maturation in oak.

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Best Italian red wine
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Giodo Brunello di Montalcino
Giodo Wine

Giodo Brunello di Montalcino by Giodo

Attention and dedication at every step, from its birth in the vineyard, to its transformation in the cellar, to its maturation in oak. Only the healthiest, absolutely perfect clusters of Sangiovese are destined for Giodo’s Brunello di Montalcino. The wine’s maturation—a full two and a half years—takes place in 700-litre French oak casks, followed by a further 18 months in the bottle, a period of time that is essential for producing a Giodo Brunello di Montalcino of such elegance, balance, and depth. Tasting it reveals a wine of great breed—complex, deep, intriguing, intense, and velvety, not opulent or excessive, but with extraordinary length.

The bottle label is a story itself: a stylised man representing Sangiovese supports the world of wine, since Sangiovese is the sole interpreter of the Montalcino denomination.

From Father To Daughter

Handing on the secrets of winegrowing from generation to generation is one of the dreams of every producer. Carlo Ferrini is no exception, and the heir of his passion is his nearly 30-year-old daughter Bianca. With a past that includes water polo and professional training in agricultural science in Italy and marketing in the United States, Bianca currently addresses the full scope of the daily challenges facing the Giodo wines.

The Property

The history of Giodo in Montalcino begins in 2002, when Carlo Ferrini, after years of research, finally identified his first hectare to purchase in the prestigious Brunello denomination; today, his winery, lying midway between Sant’Angelo in Colle and Sant’Antimo, relies on six hectares of vineyard. With respect to aspect, elevation, and soil types, the location is perfect for viticulture. A majestic row of cypresses beckons visitors to this near-hidden, magical spot, while the vines dedicated to Brunello di Montalcino and to IGT Toscana enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view out over the sinuous hills of Montalcino as far as the massif of Monte Amiata. The final artistic touch is the picturesque grove of olive trees that yield the Giodo Toscano IGP olive oil.

The Philosophy 

“Giodo encapsulates above all my own history with Sangiovese, my first great love. Its name is a tribute to my parents, Giovanna and Donatello, to whom I owe everything.” Carlo Ferrini

Everything at Giodo is underpinned by the concept of uncompromising quality. The entire process takes its start from the selection of clones and vines that are ideal for producing wines that are elegant, well-balanced and with impressive length. Every decision, every individual detail, whether in the vineyard or the winecellar, is of the greatest importance and merits full and meticulous attention. Those small details are the indispensable tesserae that compose the mosaic that Carlo Ferrini’s experience and expertise makes absolutely unique, the creation that his extraordinary passion has successfully handed on to his daughter Bianca.

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