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Barolo Gran Bussia - Poderi Aldo Conterno

Barolo Gran Bussia by Poderi Aldo Conterno is produced by blending grapes from the oldest vines, from the Romirasco, Cicala, and Colonnello, before fermentation starts, in the following percentages respectively: 70% - 15% - 15%.

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Poderi Aldo Conterno Wine
Barolo Gran Bussia

Barolo Gran Bussia by Poderi Aldo Conterno

SPECIES OF WINE: Nebbiolo, Michet and Lampia varieties.

VINEYARD: Romirasco, Cicala and Colonnelo vineyards (Bussia - Monforte d'Alba).

HARVEST: manual, with grapes selection in the vineyard

TIME OF HARVEST: mid-October.

VINIFICATION: red, with skin contact inside stainles steel vats.

VINIFICATION TIME: the must remains in contact with the skins for 30 days, during which the alcoholic fermentation is fully completed.

VINIFICATION TEMPERATURES: variable with maximum peaks of 32 degrees centigrade..

CELLAR REFINING: once removed the new wine remains in oak casks where it ages and refines.

NOTES: the Barolo Reserve Granbussia is produced by blending grapes from the oldest vines, from the Romirasco, Cicala, and Colonnello, before fermentation starts, in the following percentages respectively: 70% - 15% - 15%.

The Granbussia remains in the cellar for at least 9 years before commercialization. It  is produced exclusively in the best years and in limited quantities.

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In the 19th century, the forefathers of Aldo Conterno emigrated to Argentina, but on account of various family vicissitudes they returned to Italy after a few years.It was then that Giovanni Conterno brought his family back to the small winemaking farm of his father Giuseppe in Monforte d'Alba and started helping him in the production of local wine. With his return to the business, Conterno increased the production of wine, to be sold in casks not only in Italy but also as far as America, thanks to a relative who had stayed out in Argentina.In response to market demand, the Conternos then felt the need to create a superior Barolo, to be produced exclusively from the best vintages, with a long vinification period and capable of lasting over time.

In the 1920 the first Barolo reserve was bottled.At the end of the '30s Giovanni handed over the reins of the business to his son, Giacomo, who continued his father's tradition with commitment and foresight, visiting his clients in person and taking advantage of the prestige which his Barolo was gathering to establish his own label in many regions of Italy.During these years, his sons Giovanni and Aldo began to assist and follow their father in running the business. In the 1950 Aldo decided to set out for America, with the ambition of creating a vine-growing and winemaking business with the help of an uncle who lived in California.This period in the United States turned out to be very constructive and unforgettable for Aldo but for a variety of reasons he had to abandon the country and come back home to his family business in Italy.

Giacomo handed over the activity to his sons in 1961: it was a thriving and prestigious business, recognised over most of the country.However, the five-year experience in the United States had kindled within Aldo a desire to establish a business of his own.It was for this reason that he decided, after working for a considerable time alongside his brother, to carry out the dream which had been interrupted in America.He bought the "FAVOT" estate and founded the "PODERI ALDO CONTERNO"  winery in 1969.Today the company is run by three sons of Aldo : Franco, Stefano and Giacomo who followed in the footsteps of their father carry on the family tradition.


The "Poderi Aldo Conterno" winery is situated in Bussia of Monforte d'Alba which is the heart of the Barolowine area.The estate, which vinifies exclusively its own grapes, consists of 25 hectares of vineyard.Most of the soil, which is at an altitude of 350 - 400 m. above the sea level, is located South / South - West and is composed of clayey marls and limestone with layers of sand.

The yields per hectare are very low and the total production is about 80.000 bottles a year.The harvest begins in mid September and done exclusively by hand with a very careful selection of the picked grapes.Always following a strict family tradition, red wines are neither clarified nor filtered.


Our cru vineyards Romirasco, Cicala and Colonnello located in Bussia of Monforte d’Alba, portray the real expression of the Langa terroir.
Their fabulous South South-West location enhances the nobility of the clayey-calcareous soil, rich with calcium carbonate and iron, typical of our hills.
Our family has always had a relationship of perfect symbiosis with these cru, trying to enhance all their most peculiar characteristics through a wise and hard work in the vineyard. With the passing of the years we have been able to create a real microcosm which sinks its essence in the subtle balance offered by nature.

The wine of these cru gives itself with firm determination by playing on the most classical elements of the Nebbiolo vine and its spicy notes give a crystal idea of the uniqueness of this soil.
The interpretation of a territory goes along with the perfect knowledge of its components; that circumstance can become true only after a long and careful study of the components.
All this has always been within our intentions, enabling us to find out the fundamental connections which, thanks to the hard work in the vineyard, are the basis of the unmistakable identity of our Barolo wines.

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