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Barolo Cannubi Red Wine by Marchesi di Barolo

Barolo Cannubi Wine by Marchesi di Barolo is garnet-red in colour with ruby reflections.The flavour is full and elegant, good-bodied and austere with remarkably elegant tannins.

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Marchesi di Barolo wine

Barolo Cannubi Red Wine by Marchesi di Barolo


Cannubi is a long, gently sloping hill right in the middle of the Barolo area. Here the Helvetian and the Tortonian soils blend together forming blue-grey marls rich in magnesium and manganese carbonate that turn light grey on the surface when they come into contact with the air and weather elements. The result is a combination of different clays and fine sands saturated with a strong limestone component of magnesium carbonate and manganese. Technically called Marls of Sant’Agata fossils, but in jargon known as Toû, they are composed on average of 55% clay, 30% sand and 15% limestone. Surrounded by higher hills, the Cannubi hill is protected from storms and high winds and it benefits from a unique microclimate. 

Barolo Cannubi matures 6 years after being harvested and reaches its peak condition between 6 and 25 years of age.This wine is garnet-red in color with ruby reflections. Its intense nose has distinct traces of roses, vanilla, licorice, spices, toasted oak and a gentle scent of absinth. The flavor is full and elegant, good-bodied and austere with remarkably elegant tannins. The spicy personality and the hints of wood blend perfectly. 

Food pairings:this wine is well matched with traditional Langhe egg pasta, Tajarin, ravioli, red meat dishes, stews, braised meats and game. It is also the ideal companion for sheep and goat’s milk and mildly-aged cheeses.

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Origin of Marchesi di Barolo

Marchesi di Barolo historical cellars are located in the town of Barolo, in the building overlooking the Castle of the Marquis Falletti. It is here that more than 200 years ago a beautiful story began.

The story of a wine cellar where, in the heart of the Langhe area and protected by gentle hills, a wine was born. That wine was then called Barolo, in honor of the town where it was produced for the first time.


No one at that time could imagine that it was destined one day to be king: the King of Wines, the Wine of the Kings.

The story begins precisely in 1807, in Paris, when the Marquis of Barolo Carlo Tancredi Falletti married Juliette Colbert de Maulévrier, a French noblewoman and the great granddaughter of the Sun King’s well-known Minister of Finance.


Juliette saw the great potential of the wine made in Barolo that, after a complete fermentation and a long aging in wood, would have been able to unveil all the qualities typical of the soil and of the grape variety: 

Nebbiolo, powerful and austere, able to last long and to express all the characteristics of this extraordinary terroir.


In 1864, Juliette’s death marked the end of the prestigious Falletti dynasty: in order to perpetuate the Marquise’s memory and charitable work, the Opera Pia Barolo was founded. This story was meant to cross path with the story of another family in Barolo: the Abbona family who had its own wine cellars “Cavalier Felice Abbona e Figli” next to the Castle of Marquis Falletti.


Indeed, at around the same time Pietro Abbonawas born. Thanks to his skill and tenacity, Pietro, together with his brother Ernesto and his sisters Marina and Celestina, was eventually able to acquire the ancient cellars of vinification and refinement of the Marchesi di Barolo estate from the Opera Pia Barolo.


Today the Abbona Family continues the work that began more than two centuries ago: producing high quality wines meant to enrich, year after year, the history of this important cellar where modernity and tradition meet and where a great heritage of vineyards and knowledge has been passed down from parents to children for over five generations.

Armed with great winemaking experience, Anna and Ernesto Abbona, together with their children Valentina and Davide, present themselves as faithful interpreters of the native vineyards and their locations, respecting them and rigorously preserving the typical qualities thanks to the vinification of the grapes that come from their own vineyards and the winemaking processes selected over many years of activity, focusing on the location and the cultivation capacities of the single vines.


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