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Amarone della Valpolicella Classico - Zenato

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico by Zenato. The jewel of Zenato’s production, this wine is made from a selection of top grapes from Valpolicella Classica grown in Sant’Ambrogio township (Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, and Croatina).

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Valpolicella Classico

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico by Zenato

The jewel of Zenato’s production, this wine is made from a selection of top grapes from Valpolicella Classica grown in Sant’Ambrogio township (Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, and Croatina). The grapes are dried for 4 months and crushing is not carried out until Janu-ary. Slow fermentation with skin con-tact follows and then the wine is aged for 36 months in large-format Slavoni-an casks. It is then aged in bottle before being released. This is a majestic wine, intense, and ethereal, with notes of bay leaf and distillate-cured cherries.The impressive balance between all its com-ponents makes it ideal for long-term aging.

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95 hectares of top vineyards in Lugana and Valpolicella’s “classic zone.” Two faces: One white, the other red, both emblems of high-quality wines that are born through a visceral passion for the land, through respect for time, through a family tradition that has championed local grape varieties for more than 60 years.

1960 – San Benedetto di Lugana. It’s here that the heart of Sergio Zenato started to beat. His story is made of passion and hard work; a deep connection to his land and his people; entrepreneurial ability and openness to innovation and new vinification techniques and investment in native grape varieties.

A story that stretches from the banks of Lake Garda to the hills of nearby Valpolicella where the estate’s reds are born from sunny vineyards of Corvina and Rondinella in Costalunga in Sant’Ambrogio commune.


The story of Zenato is the story of a family that firmly planted its roots in the land. It was made possible thanks to the passion and entrepreneurial vision of the estate’s founder, Sergio, who managed to fulfill his greatest dream: to create a winery capable of harvesting the fruits of the earth and transform them into emotions with matchless flavor.

Today, more than 60 years later, the results are testament to his extraordinary vision. A wonderful story took shape thanks to his vision and today its star is his family: Wife Carla and children Alberto and Nadia.
Their eyes and their heart continue down the path that Sergio laid out with great clarity as he steadied the course toward quality and love for their land. Over time, that land wasn’t just Lugana but also Valpolicella, with its celebrated red wines and their matchless aromas.


“Sergio Zenato manicured the morainic hills for years, from the most strategic observation point on Lake Garda in Peschiera. His reflection was cast over the largest body of blue in Italy. And since the 1960s, he saw in Trebbiano di Lugana something that few others had intuited: that the color, aromas, and favors of the white wine it produced could travel the world.” In the flash of an eye and the wonder of Lake Garda is all there: in the beauty of the landscape; in the naturalist, historic, and artistic value of the land; in the mild climate. The secret of Trebbiano di Lugana, a native grape variety planted on the southern banks of Lake Garda, is hidden in its origins.

With the backdrop of this pristine setting, the gates of the Santa Cristina estate open up on to a broad road with elegant red rose bushes on either side. They are the silent sentinels to whom the Zenato family has entrusted their rows of vines.All of the incredible things that have happened in this little corner of the world are thanks to the extraordinary intuition and entrepreneurial power of a grape grower who was in love with his land and absolutely convinced of the quality of the wines that only this land could produce.
It all began with a white wine, Lugana: Sergio Zenato’s Challenge and Dream since the 1960s.

Today, Zenato has 95 hectares of vineyards between their Zenato di Santa Cristina estate in San Benedetto di Lugana, which provides the ideal conditions for growing Trebbiano di Lugana, and their Costalunga estate in Valpolicella, home to their celebrated Amarone Zenato and the renowned grape varieties Corvina, Rondinella, and Oseleta.

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