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Organic Genmaicha By Ocha And Co.

ORGANIC GENMAICHA (PREMIUM SENCHA GREEN TEA WITH ROASTED BROWN & MATCHA POWDER) Pleasant drink that can be enjoyed both hot and cold to give a pleasant tasting drink with a hint of roasted rice.

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Ocha and Co.

Organic Genmaicha By Ocha And Co.

Pleasant drink that can be enjoyed both hot and cold to give a pleasant tasting drink with a hint of roasted rice. The added Matcha helps the brewing process, adds color and a mild flavor, and in addition increases the health benefits of the tea. Made with a premium organic sencha rather than a lower grade green tea which is more common.

100gLoose Leaf BlendVacuum-Sealed PackBlended for us by the winner of the 46th Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Tea Competition (2016) the most prestigious tea competition in JapanECOCERT Organic CertificationSmall batches made each month to ensure long shelf-life


About Us


We offer you a variety of Japanese green and black tea styles ... organically cultivated in Shizuoka Prefecture, the main green tea growing area in Japan and located in the Japanese “Southern Alps“, not too far from majestic Mount Fuji.

Our organic plantations are found at some of the highest altitudes in Japan, close to the River Ota and Suruga Bay ... Where the most perfect environment on earth exists for ideal organic tea cultivation.

This mountainous, hillside region is blessed with abundant, clear water, the perfect array of daily temperature swings, morning river mists, ample natural sunshade and mineral-rich soil.

The tea growers in this area work in harmony with expert local processors to blend the teas with state-of-the-art equipment.  It is a true community effort — with the farmers concentrating only on growing the tea. Then, we work with only one tea company to blend and pack our branded teas and ship to to us in Hokkaido and then direct to you.

Our fresh-picked teas are prepared for us by one of the top blenders in the country.

Our cultivation area was one of the first to go organic in Japan.  The farmers there are very proud of pioneering this type of cultivation and their dedication to their craft make our teas super high quality ... Reasonably priced ... And consistently good.

Our teas arrive fresh to you. The leaf teas are gently placed into a vacuum sealed package with all the oxygen removed. No other Japanese tea company does this. And we only process small batches, which are shipped out the day after an order is placed. So your order can be possibly be with you and be ready to to drink in just over a week of processing. That is fast!

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